Danny's Dugout

Updated Saturday January 26, 2013 by Babe Ruth Import.

This section of our web site is dedicated to Danny Fox. Danny was a lifelong resident of the Town of Bourne and a baseball fanatic. Danny played his entire baseball career here in Bourne, from Tee Ball right up through our Babe Ruth program. I had the opportunity to umpire while he played and I must say that although hen was a competitor, he always carried himself in a sportsmanlike manner, and it was a pleasure to be on the field with him.

Unfortunately, Danny lost his life a few years ago. A life cut short, but a life not forgotten. Danny’s close friends along with his family began running a volleyball tournament in his memory. The event was started to bring Danny’s friends together to have a good time, and celebrate his memory, and to also raise some funds to help support the game that he enjoyed so much, Bourne Baseball.

His best friend and also fellow Bourne Baseball Alumnus, John Carafoli, began coordinating the tournament. Word spread quickly and the tournament fills up every year in Danny’s memory. The event is held at the Mashnee Beach Club on Mashnee Island, with the facilities being donated by owner Eric Bevans. Local restaurants and vendors donate the food, and there are raffles held throughout the day. The tournament will be entering into it’s 4th year in 2008, and it just continues to get bigger and better every year, so please watch this web site and make your plans to join the entire Fox family at this year’s tournament.

At this time I would like to let you all know what Bourne Youth baseball is doing with the donated money from the Fox foundation. In 2006/2007 brand new state of the art dugouts were built at our Pocasset field. We also repaired the backstop there with new fencing.

With this past year’s donation, we have completely removed the old dugouts at MO Beach field and are currently building

new state of the art dugouts there to match the one’s already installed at Pocasset. We will also be repairing the fencing in and around the home plate area.

Some future plans with donations include installing Pro Choice infield mix to both fields. Pro Choice was installed at Keith Field 2 years ago and is a wonderful softening agent and absorbent, which will last for up to 30 plus years if properly maintained.

A Danny Fox pavilion eating area has been discussed for MO Beach as well.

We here at Bourne Baseball wish to thank the Carafoli family, the Reardon family, Spike Burgess, Eric Bevans and the Mashnee Beach Club, all of the volunteers who work the tournament, and everyone who graciously donates so much of there hard earned money for such a wonderful cause. But most of all I would like to express my gratitude and my prayers for Beth, Kenny, and Steven Fox for being such wonderful members of our community and for letting Danny’s friend’s honor him this way. It is very sad that we had to lose Danny at such a young age, but I can’t think of a better way to honor such a fine young man.

Tom Gibson (Former BYB League President)